What is Qarnet-Tahkeem?

Qarnet-tahkeem is an advanced application for managing submissions. It is flexible, easy to use, and it is based web technology. It has many features to serve a wide range of conferences and events. Its main function is organizing submission for conferences, workshops, academic reports and more. It is developed to fulfill Qarnet contractual obligations to research and educational institutions.

The main features of QARNET-Tahkeem system as follows:

  1. Management of the program committee (invitation and controlling)
  2. Advanced and flexible management of the access of pc members and referees to papers and conflicts of interests
  3. Automatic paper submission
  4. Paper assignment manually or automatically based on the field and domain of pc members
  5. Notification email to pc members, referees and authors
  6. Blind reviewing of works between reviewers
  7. Plagiarism check of summited papers
  8. Preparation of conference proceedings (exporting data)
  9. Generating and publishing of conference program
  10. Designing question for work assessment for reviewers
  11. List of the conferences and events worldwide
  12. the ability of publishing proceeding after event