We allow individual and small business to use the system for free. This is controlled by the number of allowed submission up to 50 submissions for free. This means if you estimate the submission with more than allowed submission, it is for your safe to pay extra credit or unlimited number of submission.

QARNET-Tahkeem is a web service and one installation for all clients. It is hosted on on a high-performance managed by expert team.

We provide a feature to backup and export your data in any time to whatever you want. Keep in mind some consideration (the security will be your risk and your responsibility). We offer to export selectable data set in some format.

Our system uses State-of-the-Art web technology and user friendly interface. However, we provide all clients light support for creation and training for managing your event. All this SUPORT COMES in FREE OF CHARGE.

We provide full support, if you purchase unlimited registration.

Our technology is designed for Big-Data processing with tera-bytes analysis each hour. So we can manage and handle thousands of requested call from clients.

Now, it supports two languages English and Arabic and in very soon it will cover more languages. In general, we use world wide accepted format called Unicode and it allow all languages.

Our system is a framework and rule based and can accept any new feature.
Although all features are implemented and event-admin can manage them in Setting, if you think a new conference feature is needed, please contact us and we will our best.

It is very easy and two minutes to be done. After login, go to MyEvents and will find, Create Event. Just click on it and follow the few steps to complete it. If your event is larger than 50 accounts you might be asked for payment some fees.